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Digital Media Intern

You will:

i. Help manage our website and social media platforms, including but not limited to WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, etc.

ii. Write, edit and translate articles, create multimedia content, join in and help carry out media projects

iii. Help analyze communication statistics and suggest new, effective ideas

You will get:

i. Wide, practical experience and professional guidance in areas of digital media processes and creation, branding, media partnerships etc.

ii. Chances to interact with global entrepreneurs and experience social impact in its making

iii. An opportunity to work with and learn from our internationally-experienced Editor-in-chief 

You have:

i. A college degree and above (undergrads welcome!). Related degree not necessary; media/communications students and a proven track record in social media will have priority. Photoshop, photography, videography and editing skills will be a distinct advantage

ii. A basic understanding of social impact and sustainable development

iii. Exceptional Mandarin and good English language skills

iv. Experience gathering, researching and organizing information

v. A creative vibe, great communication skills, time management abilities and sense of pride in creating great work

vi. A keen sense for detail, willingness to learn and strong ability to work under pressure



Operations Intern

You’ll do:

i. Events management: Pre-plan, support and execute community events

ii. Space management: Day-to-day running of our co-working space

iii. Community management: Online and offline outreach to strengthen our community

You will get:

i. Practical experience and professional guidance in office space operations, events management and community outreach

ii. Chances to interact with global entrepreneurs, experience social impact in its making and better understand the UN’s 17 Social Development Goals

iii. First-hand community and social impact experience

You have:

i. A college degree and above (undergrads welcome!). Related degree not necessary; those with experience managing space/s and events will have priority

ii. A basic understanding of social impact and sustainable development

iii. Good conversational English and Chinese language skills

iv. A helpful and cheerful personality

v. An ability to work independently and responsibly



Other details:

Work hours: 10:00 – 18:00 , 3-5 days per week

Please forward your resume to: with the following details in your email heading – Institution name+Year+Available workdays per week+Earliest available date+Available duration+Position name[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”64px”][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section]