Is there office for social impact teams?

Is there office located in Shanghai downtown

at an affordable price?

Spots limited!


影响力工场(Impact Hub上海)的空间,位于上海市中心的苏州河沿岸(人民广场附近),坐落在由一座旧仓库改造成的创意园区。这里聚集着一批关注环境创业、教育创新、可持续生活方式的创变社群,共同生成了自由灵活&国际化的空间体验。 Impact Hub Shanghai is located in the city center besides Suzhou River (close to People’s Square), hidden in a creative park which is remodeled from an old warehouse. We provide an inspiring and collaborative space experience together with our impact driven community.

更多介绍 More info 我们把老上海的旧仓库,改造成一个可持续的创新空间 From old warehouse to sustainable space

HUB 办公环境 Office Environment

我们为4-20人的团队提供可定制的办公空间选择,以及包括电话亭、会议室、开放办公区、吧台、迷你厨房在内的空间服务。 更惊喜的是,你的团队成员将享受到各种社群活动、瑜伽和太极课的免费或折扣权限! We have flexible office suites for teams of 4-20, including space services such as telephone booth, meeting rooms, co-working area, bar area, mini-kitchen, etc. What`s more, all of your team members can enjoy free/discounts for community events and Yoga/Taichi practice at the doo.

马上入驻HUB?Ready to move in?

超值心动价 Affordable Price

1500-2000RMB / 工位 Desk


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